Super Greens and Super Reds Bundle


Get a healthy taste of nature by including both It Works! Super Greens and It Works! Super Reds in your diet.

With the plant-based blend of exotic sprouts and leafy greens in It Works! Super Greens, you’ll find next-level nourishment anywhere you go. Plus, the fruits, roots, and antioxidants in It Works! Super Reds provide essential Vitamin C, B-complex, and Beta carotene (provitamin A) nutrients to support good health. Feel the superpowers of both It Works! Super Greens and It Works! Super Reds.

When used together, features and benefits include

  • The best of nature’s nutrition from more than 60 combined globally sourced veggies, plants, fruits, and berries
  • An easy way to support balanced nutrition, healthy detox, and clean digestion
  • Health-boosting polyphenol antioxidants that support youthful skin and body vitality


  • 1 bag  Super Greens – Berry Flavour (30 single-serve packets)
  • 1 bag  Super Reds (30 single-serve packets)
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